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Postbiotics and Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome)

Hippocrates, the Greek physician regarded as the “Father of Medicine,” is well known for his proclamation that “all disease begins in the gut” over two thousand years ago. Now, in 2022, we know his astute instinct was likely correct as we continue to learn how the gut microbiome and the numerous compounds it produces play a critical role in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

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Upgrade your Energy this Summer!

While severe nutrient deficiencies are rare in the modern world, there is evidence that even slight nutrient deficiencies can reduce your energy level. The molecule of energy used by our cells is called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and approximately one BILLION molecules of ATP are present in a typical cell at a given time. In most cells, this amount of ATP is used and must be replaced every 1 to 2 minutes!! Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients available in food and supplements are critical for the optimal production of ATP - energy - within our cells. Research shows supplementation with B vitamins, magnesium, botanical extracts, and other nutrients helps alleviate fatigue while improving mental and physical performance.** Could supplementing this summer...

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Summertime Nutrition for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, and men are generally more active outside during the summer – hiking, kayaking, playing baseball, swimming, having fun! Due to the increase in activity, summer is an ideal time for men to consider upgrading their supplement routine. Did you know that supplementing with bioflavonoids derived from fruits can increase average power by 2.3% to 5%, maximum speed by 3.2%, peak power by 3.7%, and total energy by 2.6% in athletes? It is true! Research also demonstrates other nutrients, such as vitamin C and zinc, support optimal testosterone production and recovery from summertime injuries so you can enjoy an exciting, active, and healthy summer!

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Magnesium for Migraine Prevention

Could magnesium reduce the frequency and severity of migraines? Let’s take a look at the research! In clinical trials magnesium supplementation reduced the number of migraine attacks by 22 to 43%, while common medications recommended by the American Headache Society offer an approximate 30 to 60% reduction in migraine attack frequency. So, the effect of magnesium on migraines appears to be significant!

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