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Our Story

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Are you looking for the highest quality and most effective supplements on the market today?

Then look no further than InterPlexus. With millions of bottles sold worldwide, InterPlexus has been manufacturing the highest quality and most effective dietary supplements available for more than 30 years. Starting in 1989 InterPlexus was founded on the belief that bioavailability, high-quality ingredients, and synergistic formulations are the key to making the finest and most effective supplements on the market.

 So, what is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is a measure of how hard your body needs to work to absorb the nutrients found in foods, liquids, and supplements. Some ingredient forms require your body to work harder to absorb those nutrients, while other ingredient forms require your body to do very little work. Those ingredient forms that are easily absorbed by your body with minimal effort are highly bioavailable.  

Happy Supplementation - The InterPlexus Story

Why is bioavailability important?

While many other brands try to attract customers by putting high Daily Values (DV) of ingredients in their products, it often comes at the cost of bioavailability. As an example, many labels may note 500% of the DV of an ingredient is in the supplement, but the reality is your body may only absorb a small fraction of that DV. We only use highly bioavailable ingredients to ensure that when you take our products, you receive the full benefits of your supplements. 

Global Partnership - The InterPlexus Story

Besides bioavailability, what else makes InterPlexus’ ingredients different?

We source only the purest and highest-quality ingredients from across the globe. For the past 30+ years, we have searched the world to find the premier ingredient manufacturers and then partnered with them to ensure our standards are maintained and our raw materials are above comparison. Whether it is our minerals sourced from Germany, our probiotics and postbiotics sourced from Sweden and Japan, or our phospholipids sourced from Asia, we work closely with our ingredient partners to ensure only the best ingredients go into your body. Additionally, several of our superior ingredients are chelated to improve stability, increase bioavailability, and prevent redox reactions and other side reactions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Heavy Metal Testing - The InterPlexus Story

Ok, you use high-quality ingredients, what about heavy metals?

As heavy metal awareness is brought to the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist, you will be happy to know InterPlexus uses only those ingredients that are free of heavy metals. Some of the ingredients we use might also support your health if you are exposed to toxic metals.*

Natural Harmony - The InterPlexus Story

What makes InterPlexus’ formulations so special?

Our formulations are unique because we blend clinical concepts from conventional and naturopathic medicine to provide a complete solution and optimally support your health. Many supplement brands only offer supplements with conventional or naturopathic ingredients. We believe this approach provides you with only half of the solution, which is why we include both modalities in our formulas to create extraordinary synergistic blends.

Many published clinical studies confirm the benefits of using vitamins and minerals to help aid the body’s natural processes, and there are thousands of years of evidence of the benefits of naturopathic remedies. Modern research studies also verify the clinical efficacy of naturopathic remedies. It is this robust evidence that drives us to create our unique integrative formulas that offer the best of both clinical approaches.

Physician Formulated  -  The InterPlexus Story

 Who designs the conventional components of InterPlexus’ formulas?

All of our formulas are physician-formulated to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Our medical director, a Georgetown M.D. with over 40 years of experience, is continuously researching and working with our clinical team and the industry’s leading scientists to discover new approaches and design new formulations to support your path to wellness.

Naturopathy - The InterPlexus Story

Who designs the naturopathic components of InterPlexus’ formulas?

We have a clinical team comprised of naturopathic doctors (ND) who work with our medical director to inform our formulations. The clinical team also has over 40 years of experience in designing formulas and treating patients. This experience helps ensure our supplements offer synergistic benefits and clinical efficacy.

Extracted from Nature - The InterPlexus Story

What does it mean when formulas work synergistically?

Our formulas are designed to provide you with the synergistic nutrients necessary for optimal absorption. For example, rather than simply providing you with potassium and relying on your diet to provide the magnesium required for the uptake of potassium into your cells, our Potassium+Mag offers both nutrients in one complete synergistic formula.

Thyro-Dyne - The InterPlexus Story

Our products also use the interplay between their clinical ingredients and herbal extracts to promote synergism and provide you with increased benefits. For example, Thyro-Dyne provides your body with the iodine needed to support healthy thyroid hormone levels PLUS Ashwagandha, which has been shown to promote thyroid hormone production. It is the inclusion of these two synergistic ingredients that provides a complete solution and great results.*

With millions of products sold worldwide and over a thousand five-star reviews and ratings, InterPlexus is one of the industry’s most trusted and unique brands. Try our products for yourself and become part of the InterPlexus story.