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Who We Are

Mount Rainier in spring

InterPlexus was born in 1989 within the shadow of Mt. Rainier and is surrounded by some of the most innovative companies striving to advance technology and medicine. Inspired by the clean air of our cities and towns, the clear waters of our streams and lakes, and the pristine landscapes of our mountains and forests, we vowed to create a company and products that embody the Pacific Northwest. Now, surrounded by some of the brightest scientific minds of the high tech, aerospace, and biomedical industries, InterPlexus can be found at the intersection of technological innovation and the natural world. It is this juxtaposition that inspires InterPlexus to create our supplement formulas by blending both traditional western medicine and naturopathy. We, at InterPlexus, take pride in sourcing only the purest raw ingredients and minimizing additives or excipients to ensure that only the cleanest supplements enter your body. We push to create the most innovative formulas possible to increase bioavailability, reduce adverse side effects of common supplements, and ensure the wellbeing of our customers. Our 30+ years of experience has provided us with time to perfect our craft and deliver some of the most unique and effective supplements on the market today.