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Beyond Fertility – The Effects of Progesterone on Pain Management, Immune Function, and Bone Remodeling

This is our third blog post about progesterone, which is a fascinating hormone produced by the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, and brain in men and women. Yes - men need progesterone too, even though progesterone is often thought of as a female hormone required for a healthy pregnancy and fertility. While progesterone is produced in the most robust amounts during pregnancy, progesterone is an important hormone that supports general health in both women and men.

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The Beneficial Effects of Optimal Salivary Progesterone Levels on Fertility in Men and Women

The word progesterone means “promoting gestation,” and progesterone is often considered a female hormone since high progesterone levels are present during healthy pregnancy. But - progesterone is also an important hormone that supports fertility and general health in men... In men, progesterone, which is a precursor for testosterone production, is predominately produced by the adrenal glands and the testes. Continue reading this blog post to learn more about the beneficial effects of optimal salivary progesterone levels on fertility in women and men.

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Signs and Symptoms of a High Testosterone Level (Hyperandrogenism) in Women and Men

Many men believe the higher the testosterone level, the better, but high testosterone levels can cause harm. Too much of a good thing is not always good, even in men! And - it is well-known that high testosterone levels in women are associated with numerous health concerns. Thus, testosterone is a hormone that must be present at an optimal level because high free testosterone levels can cause significant health issues...

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