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Sweet Savvy - A Refined Sugar Detox for the New Year

The holidays are a time of sharing, celebration, joy, and LOTS OF SUGAR. If you feel you need a sugar detox to kick off a healthy New Year after indulging during the holidays, we get it! Too much sugar is associated with several health conditions, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and PCOS. Prioritize your well-being this New Year with a refined sugar detox!

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Support Your Mental Health

Is stress impacting your mental health? If so, research shows daily Ashwagandha supplementation could be beneficial to help support and maintain emotional balance.* In a well-designed clinical trial by Chandrasekhar et al., Ashwagandha extract administered to individuals under chronic stress significantly reduced their cortisol levels compared to the study participants who received a placebo. Study participants who received the Ashwagandha extract also showed substantial improvements in several other mental health assessments.*

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Potassium for Blood Pressure Support

Potassium is a mineral crucial for the healthy function of all tissues and organs in your body. Potassium levels must be maintained at an optimal balance inside and outside your cells because potassium shifts play a role in nerve function, and nerves control your muscles and organs. So, each time you move a finger - or your heart beats, potassium moves out of and back into your cells to drive the nerve and muscle function.

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Fall Superfoods Spotlight – Cranberry and Pumpkin

Introducing the nutritional powerhouses of the season - Pumpkin and Cranberry! These two are not just your regular fall ingredients; these are nutrient-dense superfoods packed with benefits that can elevate your health while allowing you to indulge guilt-free in the festive vibes. Learn more about the latest research on the many health benefits offered by cranberry and pumpkin, and try the tempting, guilt-free, paleo-friendly holiday recipes..

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Immune Resilience: Shielding Yourself in Cold & Flu Season

Secretory IgA is indispensable during every cold and flu season, shielding areas of our body that are most exposed to external elements. It binds to the mucus layer, neutralizing invaders such as viruses and supporting the health and diversity of beneficial bacteria. It acts as our body's vigilant guardian, eliminating pathogens before they infiltrate our system... Being proactive about testing and optimizing your sIgA levels prepares you for the cold & flu season.

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