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Flavo PlexC

Vitamin C with Pure Flavonoids & Plant Extracts

A potent blend of vitamin C, plant extracts, and bioflavonoids to encourage a healthy immune response and improve antioxidant levels.

   Vitamin C  •  Ashwagandha  •  Grape Seed Extract  •  Hesperidin

The immune system is constantly challenged through exposure to allergens, microbes, and other invaders. Normally the body can optimize its immune response; however, in some situations, the response may be sluggish or inappropriate and may require modulation to prevent immune dysregulation.

How does Flavo PlexC™ work:

Flavo PlexC™ is formulated using vital nutrients and plant extracts to help modulate the immune response in conditions of increased oxidative stress like illness or chronic stress or in the face of allergies. Magnesium ascorbate, a mineral salt of ascorbic acid, is used as the source of vitamin C. It is a less acidic or “buffered” form of vitamin C that also provides a significant amount of magnesium.
Flavo PlexC Main Label Data Sheet

Supplementation with Flavo PlexC™:

      What the Research and Clinical Use Shows:

      Vitamin C 

      Vitamin C is a versatile nutrient found in plant foods, especially citrus fruits and leafy greens, as it provides resistance to the oxidative stresses created during photosynthesis. This essential water-soluble vitamin must be obtained from the diet as humans (and a few other animals like guinea pigs and fruit bats) lack the enzyme to synthesize it. Vitamin C is required for the healthy structure and function of the body, and vitamin C status may even be linked to rates of survival.

      Several large-scale prospective cohort studies have supported a correlation between vitamin C and a lower risk of mortality and cardiovascular diseases.1,2 Vitamin C is required in the formation of bones, muscles, and cartilage.3 Additionally, vitamin C is an important antioxidant and modulator of the immune system and is used to make neurotransmitters.3 It is considered an “immunostimulant” because it encourages immune cell activity against pathogens.3* Vitamin C also inhibits histamine secretion by mast cells and lowers blood histamine levels, thereby improving allergy symptoms.4*


      Flavonoids (bioflavonoids) are polyphenolic plant chemicals found throughout the plant kingdom. Flavonoids provide a variety of physiological benefits.* It is believed they work synergistically with vitamin C as antioxidants and anti-allergens. Hesperidin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruits. Hesperidin is beneficial to both the cardiovascular and neurological systems. In animal models, hesperidin use reduced the incidence of strokes and neurological diseases.5

      Clinically, hesperidin reduces diastolic blood pressure after four weeks of supplementation.6 In a separate clinical trial of participants with metabolic syndrome, an improvement in endothelial function was seen following hesperidin administration, possibly due to an increase in nitric oxide production.7 In the same trial, hesperidin administration reduced circulating levels of inflammatory biomarkers and pro-atherogenic compounds.7

      Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract

      Ashwagandha, is an Ayurvedic herb used as an adaptogen, an antioxidant, and a natural anti-inflammatory remedy that assists the body in performing its best during acute and chronic stress.8* In-vitro studies have proven Ashwagandha’s activity against cancer cells. Withanolides, active constituents in Ashwagandha extracts, are considered to be responsible for the adaptogenic and glucocorticoid-like effects.9 Clinically, Ashwagandha administered with cow’s milk was shown to increase the activation of lymphocytes, thereby increasing immune system activity.8* As an adaptogen, this herb improves outcomes from perceived stress clinically.10*

      Grape Seed Extract (VITIS VINIFERA)

      Red grape seed extract is rich in bioflavonoids known as proanthocyanidins, which are effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood vessel stabilizing compounds.11* In a study of 16 women, a standardized dose of grape seed extract decreased venous stasis edema (swelling) in the lower legs after sitting for several hours.11

      Flavo PlexC Supplement Facts Data Sheet


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